Employee Advocates Have Big Impact On Revenue And The Sales Process

The idea that not all employees contribute to revenue is an outdated one. In fact, the impact of non-quota carrying employees on the sales process has never been more important? Why? Because of social media and the network effects and digital word of mouth advantages that come with it.

As a result of social networks, prospective customers are now in the same spots online as many of your non-customer facing co-workers. They’re on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more. Sometimes they’re in the same Facebook/LinkedIn Groups or may even know them from previous jobs, schools or experiences. In fact, Facebook alone has reduced the degrees of separation from 6 to 5 degrees. Therefore because of social networks, we’re at least 1 or more degrees closer to everyone on earth.

Companies that wish to succeed […]

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Are Laggard Sales Leaders To Blame For Failing To Modernize Their Sales Team?

According to research from Sales for Life, 63 percent of social sellers reported an increase in their company’s revenue in 2015. This is just one of a number of statistics that demonstrate the measurable benefits of social selling, whether it be B2B or B2C sales.

Social selling is not a new trend, however its adoption is still in its infancy among sales professionals. This same study revealed that a whopping 72 percent of sales people are not proficient with social selling, and only 8.5 percent have a program that is integrated into the sales process. While recent research from GetApp found that only 15 percent of sales people are using social media to contact potential customers, with some even favoring […]

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5 Ways B2B Sales Leaders Should Measure Digital Selling Success

Measuring revenue, performance and forecasting in no joke. It get’s people fired and promoted! That’s why so many sales leaders either love or hate the idea of having their sales team using social media as part of the sales process. Micro-managers haven’t had enough experience with social media to accurately measure it’s success on the their salespeople or their pipeline. Innovators may have tried and failed to adequately measure the impact of their salespeople, pipeline or their spend on social media tools and training. We’ve been working with companies for over 10 years on harnessing social media and it’s potential while accurately measuring its impact on the sales process at scale. Most of these suggestions can easily be implemented by adding social media as a source to your CRM reports […]

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The Science of Sales: How Dopamine and Social Selling Work Together

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. Dopamine also helps regulate movement and emotional responses, and it enables us not only to see rewards, but to take action to move toward them. Study after study connect the use of social media (getting likes, shares, retweets, etc) to triggering dopamine – creating a quick and temporary feeling of happiness. These are called dopamine loops. How does this play into B2B sales you might ask? Quite a bit!

Regardless of how you define social selling, or if you define it at all, social media has an important place in the B2B sales process. From listening to buying signals from you prospects, to strategically sharing content through LinkedIn or Twitter to elicit the desired response of advancing the […]

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The Reason Your Social Selling Efforts May Be Failing

If you’re looking for a reason as to why all of your hard work using social media isn’t translating into revenue, the odds are your strategy is the problem. Most sales teams are using social media at an ad hoc level where they may have been provided with a little training and given tools like LinkedIn or social media dashboards that help share content and find prospects. This is usually where it stops.

What’s missing is a comprehensive understanding of how their social media activities align with their sales process or buyer’s journey. Most reps aren’t keeping up-to-date segmented lists that show what stage their prospect is currently in. Most also don’t have social network optimized content that aligns with the buyers journey. If you fall into either of those scenarios, […]

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The Most Important Part Of Your LinkedIn Profile 🏅

On LinkedIn there are typically only 2 audiences: 1) recruiters or hiring managers, and 2) your customers/clients/prospects/buyer persona. Sometimes these can either be internal to the company, or external to the company.

Regardless of the audience you are targeting, you need to think of your LinkedIn profile like a book divided into 3 parts: 1) the cover, 2) the introduction or foreward, and 3) the story. For most books, the most important factor in driving a purchase of the book is the title or book cover. Why? Because it’s what all the passer-by’s see and with a single glance they make the first determination on whether or not they will pick up the book to learn more. Though the introduction or foreward can by the next indicator to move through to […]

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rFactr CEO on Leadership and Taking the Road Less Travelled

Our CEO , Richard Brasser is the foremost expert in helping companies increase the effectiveness and influence of their salesforce through the strategic use of social communication. Here’s an excerpt of the interview he did with Fivehundredstories.com:

What entrepreneur has most inspired you?

Obviously my father, but, non-family would be Rick Sharp. Rick had an incredible career including, CEO of Circuit City and Chairman of CarMax. He was an incredible man and victim to the early onset Alzheimer’s. Rick took me under his wing and meant more to me than he ever knew. I still hear his words of wisdom and wonderful probing questions.

What is the biggest obstacle you have overcome thus far in business?

I could list […]

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Why Every Tech Company (and every other organization) Need Intrapreneurs

The way businesses are being run is changing from containing employees to empowering them. Organizations are realizing that every employee needs to see themselves as the CEO of their own brand. Each employee should be empowered to contribute to the success of their role and be the boss of their own role within the department. This is leading to much discussion about intrapreneurs which are entrepreneurs within an organization. This provides a healthy environment where workers get the opportunity to run their own venture within the company. This empowerment puts the onus of integrity, ownership and accountability over their role and KPIs.

Ever since I entered the B2B sales industry as a trainer, I made a concerted effort to have each team I worked with utilize social media in their sales […]

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Social Selling Tips for HR Professionals and Recruiters

What are some tactics I should be using if I’m trying to build my brand abroad?

The first thing is to understand the social media landscape you want be a part of. As a recruiter in North America, LinkedIn is one of your biggest weapons. It’s essentially a giant phone book which allows you to find, connect and build relationships with talented candidates. Globally, localized social networks like Viadeo or Xing may allow you to gain an edge on your competition by being active on them. Networks like WeChat if you’re targeting China, or Line if you’re targeting Japan would be considerations. For lack of a poor metaphor, you would be fishing with the wrong bait if you don’t localize your approach – you will get far better response […]

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CONFIDENTIAL: How To Properly Launch An Employee Advocacy Program

Too often, traditional thinking marketers believe that owned or paid media is the only way to scale a consistent message. But that’s not true! In fact, tapping into employees as advocates not only provides a vastly increased reach, but also taps into the passions, excitement and loyalty of your employees.

We work with companies in all stages to roll out employee advocacy programs that have scaled into the 1000s of employees. By launching with the right technology, the right training, and also a library of pre-approved content we helped our partner obliterate all other lead sources customer acquisition channels.

Our process model ensures for maximum adoption, participation and success. Here are a few steps to success we’ve documented when rolling out a successful employee advocacy program.

  1. Plan – Understand how things will go […]
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