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Julio is one of the world’s premier social selling thought leaders currently acting as VP of Marketing with social selling platform rFactr. He was featured by Forbes as a Top 25 Social Selling Influencer in the World for 2014 as one of the world’s leading thought leaders in the social sales space. Julio has been recognized for his contributions to sales by Forbes, AA-ISP, InsideView, and more. He is a world renowned public speaker and travels with GSMI as a featured industry expert speaking at Social Media Strategies Summit worldwide.

The Most Important Part Of Your LinkedIn Profile 🏅

On LinkedIn there are typically only 2 audiences: 1) recruiters or hiring managers, and 2) your customers/clients/prospects/buyer persona. Sometimes these can either be internal to the company, or external to the company.

Regardless of the audience you are targeting, you need to think of your LinkedIn profile like a book divided into 3 parts: 1) the cover, 2) the introduction or foreward, and 3) the story. For most books, the most important factor in driving a purchase of the book is the title or book cover. Why? Because it’s what all the passer-by’s see and with a single glance they make the first determination on whether or not they will pick up the book to learn more. Though the introduction or foreward can by the next indicator to move through to […]

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rFactr CEO on Leadership and Taking the Road Less Travelled

Our CEO , Richard Brasser is the foremost expert in helping companies increase the effectiveness and influence of their salesforce through the strategic use of social communication. Here’s an excerpt of the interview he did with Fivehundredstories.com:

What entrepreneur has most inspired you?

Obviously my father, but, non-family would be Rick Sharp. Rick had an incredible career including, CEO of Circuit City and Chairman of CarMax. He was an incredible man and victim to the early onset Alzheimer’s. Rick took me under his wing and meant more to me than he ever knew. I still hear his words of wisdom and wonderful probing questions.

What is the biggest obstacle you have overcome thus far in business?

I could list […]

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Why Every Tech Company (and every other organization) Need Intrapreneurs

The way businesses are being run is changing from containing employees to empowering them. Organizations are realizing that every employee needs to see themselves as the CEO of their own brand. Each employee should be empowered to contribute to the success of their role and be the boss of their own role within the department. This is leading to much discussion about intrapreneurs which are entrepreneurs within an organization. This provides a healthy environment where workers get the opportunity to run their own venture within the company. This empowerment puts the onus of integrity, ownership and accountability over their role and KPIs.

Ever since I entered the B2B sales industry as a trainer, I made a concerted effort to have each team I worked with utilize social media in their sales […]

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Social Selling Tips for HR Professionals and Recruiters

What are some tactics I should be using if I’m trying to build my brand abroad?

The first thing is to understand the social media landscape you want be a part of. As a recruiter in North America, LinkedIn is one of your biggest weapons. It’s essentially a giant phone book which allows you to find, connect and build relationships with talented candidates. Globally, localized social networks like Viadeo or Xing may allow you to gain an edge on your competition by being active on them. Networks like WeChat if you’re targeting China, or Line if you’re targeting Japan would be considerations. For lack of a poor metaphor, you would be fishing with the wrong bait if you don’t localize your approach – you will get far better response […]

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How “Likeable” Content Produces Sales Leads

Today’s digital space is being increasingly muddied by the daily barrage of new, and often poorly planned content. In fact, the amount of content that gets created online every 30 hours equivocates to the amount of content from the caveman era to 2008. That’s when the social media explosion happened and people began creating and sharing their own content en masse. Fast forward to today and we have and endless spattering of content we have to cut through to be effective.

This brings us to the concept of “likeability” – how much is a particular post or piece of content “likeable”?  For B2B Salespeople, the content they share needs to be liked and valued by their prospects. The like-ability of the content can increase by crafting posts using best practices for […]

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The Complete Guide To Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile For Lead Generation

With Hundred of millions of users on LinkedIn – many of whom are trying to connect with and attract them same people as you are – how can you stand out and be successful? If you haven’t considered this or have simply just built out a profile and are hoping for the best – I have some bad news for you. You’re wasting your time. Every salesperson using LinkedIn should have their profile built to generate demand, demonstrate value, and be built to speak directly to your buyer persona.

There are so many elements that contribute to this. Having a headline is not the generic company/title but delivers your own value proposition that has a number of key elements that work together to drive success.

  1. Make sure you understand what keywords will […]
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Why Every Sales Team Needs To Be Social Selling

If you haven’t added social media to your sales process you are at a distinct disadvantage. Think back to 20 years ago, and imagine if someone told you that every company you worked for was going to issue everyone an email address and give them a computer. You would have laughed! Years before that you would have done the same. Now, you can’t even imagine these 2 items not being issued to each and every member of your sales team. Why? Because these are the optimal way to reach and communicate with your buyers.

Well I have some interesting news. Buyers are now digitally connected and are using social media one way or another. Some are using it to research, some are using it for fun, some are using it to […]

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Social Selling Expert Interview: Mario Martinez Jr.

Every 2 weeks I interview someone who’s innovative and who has left a lasting impact on the social selling space. Today I got to interview one of my friends and influencers Mario Martinez Jr. More about Mario below.

Mario, you’ve managed to put yourself into one of the hottest spaces in social media this year: Social Selling. You’ve spoken at some of the biggest sales conferences including LinkedIn Sales Connect about the value of integrating digital and social into the sales process.

I’d like to help our audience understand what your views are on the topic…

Q1: How do you define the buzz term “Social Selling”?
A1: First off thanks my brotha for the compliment. I’ve only learned from the great social sellers like yourself! Your question though is a Great Question Julio. So […]

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Social Selling Expert Series: Jack Kosakowski

Jack Kosakowski is Global Head Of Social Sales Disruption with Creation Agency. Jack has been one of the most active social sellers and social sales influencers on social media. We had the opportunity to catch up with Jack and ask him some of the burning questions social sales practitioners and leaders have been asking.

Jack Image

Jack, you have been working at developing and innovating digital sales for a while now, and have managed to establish a great online reputation as a “social seller”. You and I share very similar beliefs on the value of social in the sales process and how people, platforms, and processes intersect.

I’d like to help our audience understand what your views are on this trending topic called “social selling”.

Q1: […]

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A Guide For Salespeople: How To Improve Your Email Success Using Social Media

Email is one of the primary tools available to B2B salespeople – and is a part of the triad for modern sellers along with a telephone and social media communication system. Let’s put it this way – if sales were a gladiator sport, email would be one of the primary weapons that would be selected by each participant. Therein lies the problem. Everybody is doing it. Decision makers are bombarded each day with hundreds or thousands of emails trying to solicit their attention and their budgets. Before looking any further, here are 4 key stats about the state of email:

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