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Julio is one of the world’s premier social selling thought leaders currently acting as VP of Marketing with social selling platform rFactr. He was featured by Forbes as a Top 25 Social Selling Influencer in the World for 2014 as one of the world’s leading thought leaders in the social sales space. Julio has been recognized for his contributions to sales by Forbes, AA-ISP, InsideView, and more. He is a world renowned public speaker and travels with GSMI as a featured industry expert speaking at Social Media Strategies Summit worldwide.

Data-Driven Social Selling Transformed B2B Sales and Marketing

Social selling takes place when salespeople use social media as a channel to optimize and impact revenue, return, and results of their sales process. Since salespeople are directly responsible for company revenue, it is essential that their activities are closely measured and optimized.

As a marketer, or data scientist, we need to be concerned with “link-ability”. This is the ability or ease of a marketer to link one piece of data with another piece of data – and by collecting and linking data together over time – we have what is called meta-data. Meta-data gives us a really accurate picture over time. Companies practicing social selling today aren’t using tools that provide the necessary “link-ability” for marketers to understand how to best help sales.

If we […]

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Forbes Announces Investment and Content Partnership With Social Selling Platform rFactr

NEW YORK (April 13, 2015) – Forbes Media announced today that it has made an investment in rFactr, a social selling platform technology company, and entered into an agreement to license the Forbes brand to rename rFactr’s SocialPort product offering Forbes SocialPort™.

forbes socialport

Increasingly, B2B sales organizations have been using social media to engage potential customers earlier in the buying cycle. They are leveraging Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and comparable social platforms to target potential clients and learn consumer behavior.

Forbes SocialPort™ is a social communications management system developed to allow companies to share their marketing content on social platforms, enabling their sales teams to build relationships with key constituents and potential customers and drive increased revenues.  Specifically, users can leverage Forbes SocialPort™ to write, schedule and […]

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How B2B lead nurturing is being disrupted

The odds are that your organization is spending fist fulls of dollars on inbound marketing and generating qualified leads, many of which do not close that quarter, or the next. That’s because qualified doesn’t necessarily mean “ready to buy today”!

SiriusDecisions has found that 70% of the qualified leads that make it to sales get disqualified or discarded by sales either back to marketing or nowhere at all.

Here’s the catch: Up to 80% of those “dead end” prospects will ultimately go on to buy from you – or from a competitor – within the next 18 – 24 months.

rfactr social sales

If salespeople send those leads back to marketing, they’re going to be put into a drip campaign at best […]

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rFactr First to Bridge Virtual Reality and Social Selling

rFactr has decided to take the SocialPort social sales platform to the next level by incorporating Google Glass-like virtual reality functionality called rGoggles (r meaning revenue) . “We don’t only want you to connect with prospects on social media, we want you to see into their lives, their hobbies, we want you to share in the memories they have with their loved ones” said rFactr CEO Richard Brasser, “the more you know about them before your call, the better the chances you will close the deal.”

Social Selling Virtual Reality

rFactr’s virtual reality enhancement rGoggles will require sales reps to wear a small head attachment while they’re doing their prospecting activities and calls. Similar to Google Glass, it will feed key sales information […]

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Cold Calling? Please Tell Me You’re Not Still Doing It!

Are You Still Cold CallingTraditionally speaking, B2B sales has used the dreaded tactic referred to as THE COLD CALL. The cold call exists because it allows salespeople to meet their dial #’s and reach as many prospects as they can with their time allotted at the office. In other words, they more qualified or unqualified people we can reach the better the odds of having more prospects eventually drip through the purchase funnel. Before buyers became “social”, this spray and pray strategy was commonplace. Before buyers were leaving hints online, there was an excuse to be doing cold calls. The lack of relationship, information, and preparedness was always an excuse for cold call failure.

Now however, buyers are all over social networks […]

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Social Selling and the Rule of 3

The Power of Three in Social SellingThey say good things come in 3’s. It’s no different for social selling. The Power of 3 is an established formula that has been concocted deep in the sales laboratories. It will help you succeed in understanding, mastering and implementing social selling. Here is the recipe: The 3×3 Rule, The 3­Approach, and The 3 C’s.

The 3×3

The 3×3 is a rule that helps you manage your time when executing social selling activities and research in to your prospects. The rules states that you should have some context before attempting to reach out to someone. Use web and social media channels to find 3 pieces of contextual information in under 3 minutes. This will arm you with […]

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6 Tips To Help Master Google+ For Social Selling

7 Tips To Help Master Google For Social Selling

We are very excited to have recently added GooglePlus as one of the social networks that is integrated with rFactr SocialPort. Users can now post to GooglePlus and keep track of what is going on in their GooglePlus network from within their SocialPort accounts. Make sure you’re taking full advantage of these new features and all that GooglePlus has to offer social sellers by leveraging these tips from our VP of Marketing, Julio Viskovich.

Be Attention Grabbing. The title of your post has to connect with your audience and make them want to look at your post further. Make it engaging!

Add a Picture. Photos have proven to add to the success of your […]

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Q&A: How Marketers Can Leverage the Social Buzz Around the Oscars

Julio Viskovich, an Adjunct Professor with Sauder’s Marketing and Behavioural Science Division, is also the VP of Marketing at rFactr where he develops cutting-edge social selling strategies.

In this Q&A, he discusses how businesses will be utilizing social media during the Oscars to reach consumers.

Branding at the OscarsHow have the Oscars been changed by social media?

Social media activity surges during the Oscars and provides an avenue for brands and general audiences to engage in real time while the awards are going on. This has changed the way the world watches the event.

How are brands using the Oscars to reach consumers?

If the Super Bowl is a place where brands show off their newest commercials, the Oscars is where brands can show […]

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rFactr CEO Shares His Story On Startup And Social Selling Innovation

Richard Brasser, Social Selling CEO

Just a few years ago everyone was concerned with harvesting metrics for Likes, Retweets, Followers, and the number of messages their automated platforms had sent, but not Richard Brasser. Instead, he was pondering how social media could translate into dollars and enhance the B2B sales process. In early 2010 social media marketing was gaining significant traction, and companies were asking the always important question of “How do we make money with social?” Everyone knew there had to be a way to empower actual sales through social, and not just manage relationships with friends and followers. At the time, rFactr (previously named The Targeted Group) had a history of solving these kinds of problems by developing impactful sales enablement solutions, and so the company set […]

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Personal Branding Guide For Salespeople

Previously, personal branding has been an enigmatic process that experts and industry leaders took part in. In 2014, the times have changed and anyone who wants to own their niche needs to their own brand. For a sales person dedicated to the Finance vertical, they must be a trusted adviser in that space, deliver leading content to prospects around their niche, and must have the support from marketing to help establish more credibility than their competition.

Here are three quotes from some of the best personal branding experts in the sales industry:

Personal Branding Guide

Tip 1: Create A Buyer Centric Profile

Have a look at your profile. If it hasn’t been optimized for your customer base, odds are that it’s build to attract recruiters and not […]

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