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With over 10 years of experience in the interactive media world, Richard has become one of the leading experts in social media and online marketing. As an acclaimed speaker, author and thought leader, Richard has been a speaker for the Inc. 500 conference, an “Entrepreneur Roadmap” board member for the Kauffman Foundation, a member of the Social Media Task Force for NASDAQ and a board member of the Charlotte Interactive Marketing Association. In addition, Richard’s executive acumen has been recognized as the Charlotte Entrepreneur of the Year in 2003, Business Person of the Year by the NRCC, honored as a “Face of Entrepreneurism” by Inc. Magazine, and a recipient of the National Leadership Award by the Business Advisory Council.

Part 3: The Need for Multi-Level Reporting Hierarchies

From Critical Requirements of an Enterprise Social Platform Whitepaper:

There is an adage that if you can’t report on it, it doesn’t exist. I don’t think this is always true but related to social sales, it is. If you can’t show meaningful data on how the program drives sales, you are going to have a hard time justifying the investment. I remember a few years ago, I would hear companies say that the Holy Grail was being able to connect the dots between social activity and sales and report on it from within the CRM system.

Well, we have finally reached that point today. If you can’t run a report and see the exact value of every social lead in the sales cycle and how much business has been closed as […]

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Part 2: The Need for a Role-Based Permission System

From Critical Requirements of an Enterprise Social Platform Whitepaper:

You may be asking yourself, “What in the world is a role based system and why should I care about it?” People in your organization have significant differences in knowledge, expertise, and needs. They also require different levels of oversight and control. They might also have a variety of different responsibilities within the organization. Any software system that considers everyone an “advocate” or “user/administrator” just won’t cut it in the long run. Not only are employees’ needs different, but they also mature as they learn and begin to use social.

rfactr CRM DashFor example, a user that starts with simply amplifying content to their social networks without any need to engage might soon […]

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Part1: The Need for Highly Segmented Sales Content

From Critical Requirements of an Enterprise Social Platform Whitepaper:

As either marketers or salespeople, we know that providing the right information, to the right person, at the right time is exponentially more effective. However, too many companies today either allow salespeople to communicate on social media without governance or enable their salespeople to share general brand content that is not aligned with the needs of the buyer. One of the most important capabilities that we have seen throughout hundreds of programs is the ability to segment the message based on what the salesperson is selling, the industry they are selling into, and the persona of the buyer. There are many more ways to segment a company’s message but this example will suffice.

First, I would like to describe a situation […]

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Employee Advocates Have Big Impact On Revenue And The Sales Process

The idea that not all employees contribute to revenue is an outdated one. In fact, the impact of non-quota carrying employees on the sales process has never been more important? Why? Because of social media and the network effects and digital word of mouth advantages that come with it.

As a result of social networks, prospective customers are now in the same spots online as many of your non-customer facing co-workers. They’re on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more. Sometimes they’re in the same Facebook/LinkedIn Groups or may even know them from previous jobs, schools or experiences. In fact, Facebook alone has reduced the degrees of separation from 6 to 5 degrees. Therefore because of social networks, we’re at least 1 or more degrees closer to everyone on earth.

Companies that wish to succeed […]

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