Our CEO , Richard Brasser is the foremost expert in helping companies increase the effectiveness and influence of their salesforce through the strategic use of social communication. Here’s an excerpt of the interview he did with Fivehundredstories.com:

What entrepreneur has most inspired you?

Obviously my father, but, non-family would be Rick Sharp. Rick had an incredible career including, CEO of Circuit City and Chairman of CarMax. He was an incredible man and victim to the early onset Alzheimer’s. Rick took me under his wing and meant more to me than he ever knew. I still hear his words of wisdom and wonderful probing questions.

What is the biggest obstacle you have overcome thus far in business?

I could list a thousand. There are many situations that have been difficult, but I think the biggest obstacle for any entrepreneur (and it was for me) is the need to just keep going … don’t give up … be persistent even when everyone tells you it won’t work. You can’t achieve uncommon success by following conventional wisdom. Learning that the crowd is wrong was the biggest obstacle that I overcame.

What have you learned from failure?

Everything. You really don’t learn from success. However, there is one differentiation I would like to make; a small failure is the most dangerous thing that can happen.

It is dangerous because you will tend to keep doing the same thing, but just try harder.

However, if you have a huge mistake, you’re likely going to pay attention. These are the two major lessons I’ve learned from epic failure:

  1. If a lot of people knew how to do it, you probably wouldn’t have had this big failure.
  2. And more importantly, if you figure it out, it is worth a LOT. When we first launched the sales enablement program for the telecom, it was a massive failure. I mean MUSHROOM-CLOUD failure. But, we figured it out and we are still one of the only companies today that knows how to produce the results we do.

What are your top 3 responsibilities as a leader?

  1. Help create value for our employees and shareholders.
  2. Drive innovation of the non-obvious.
  3. Chart the right course.

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