Are Laggard Sales Leaders To Blame For Failing To Modernize Their Sales Team?

According to research from Sales for Life, 63 percent of social sellers reported an increase in their company’s revenue in 2015. This is just one of a number of statistics that demonstrate the measurable benefits of social selling, whether it be B2B or B2C sales.

Social selling is not a new trend, however its adoption is still in its infancy among sales professionals. This same study revealed that a whopping 72 percent of sales people are not proficient with social selling, and only 8.5 percent have a program that is integrated into the sales process. While recent research from GetApp found that only 15 percent of sales people are using social media to contact potential customers, with some even favoring […]

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Social Selling Tips for HR Professionals and Recruiters

What are some tactics I should be using if I’m trying to build my brand abroad?

The first thing is to understand the social media landscape you want be a part of. As a recruiter in North America, LinkedIn is one of your biggest weapons. It’s essentially a giant phone book which allows you to find, connect and build relationships with talented candidates. Globally, localized social networks like Viadeo or Xing may allow you to gain an edge on your competition by being active on them. Networks like WeChat if you’re targeting China, or Line if you’re targeting Japan would be considerations. For lack of a poor metaphor, you would be fishing with the wrong bait if you don’t localize your approach – you will get far better response […]

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3 New Years Resolutions For B2B Sellers

Every year people all over the world make promises to improve themselves and position themselves better for the year ahead. We have now hit 2016, and sales executives all over the world are planning how they will exceed their quotas and bring in more revenue.

make more money

If you haven’t made your selling resolutions, here are 5 resolutions top B2B salespeople will be doing to destroy their 2016 numbers:

Update Your Social Media Profiles to be Buyer Centric – Re-visit your key social profiles that you will engage prospects on. Ensure you appear professional, consistent, and as a potentially valuable asset for your buyer persona to engage. You also want to take advantage of your bio by using they right keywords that will make […]

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Watch Your REAR: How Launching An Employee Advocacy Program Can Get You Fired (or Promoted)!

Did you know that every 48 hours the amount of content created from the beginning of time until 2010 is re-created…online?

2010-2015 was all about content. But now we’ve hit a tipping point where we have an overabundance of content. To put things in economic terms, we have a situation where the supply of content far exceeds the demand of content. What happened to Starbucks when they had a store on every corner and cannibalized its own earnings? They closed the stores, gave the locations to their competitors and focused on execution – and delivering a superior experience than the oncomers.

If 2010 – 2015 was about content, 2015 and beyond is about context. The noise online is incredible and as employee advocacy programs […]

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Social Selling Expert Mario Martinez Jr On How Social Media Changed B2B Sales

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Mario Martinez Jr, RVP of Sales at enterprise collaboration software giant PGi. Mario was involved in social selling since social networks replaced desktop rolodexes and is recognized as a B2B sales thought leader for his contributions to the space.

We asked Mario about the early days of implementing social selling in the sales process, how social media has changed the way he manages his team, and what the future holds for sales teams looking to connect with modern buyers.

Tweet-able golden nuggets from Mario:

  1. When I realized the power that social media brings to my sales efforts I was ALL IN!
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Data-Driven Social Selling Transformed B2B Sales and Marketing

Social selling takes place when salespeople use social media as a channel to optimize and impact revenue, return, and results of their sales process. Since salespeople are directly responsible for company revenue, it is essential that their activities are closely measured and optimized.

As a marketer, or data scientist, we need to be concerned with “link-ability”. This is the ability or ease of a marketer to link one piece of data with another piece of data – and by collecting and linking data together over time – we have what is called meta-data. Meta-data gives us a really accurate picture over time. Companies practicing social selling today aren’t using tools that provide the necessary “link-ability” for marketers to understand how to best help sales.

If we […]

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How To Boost Your Online Marketing And Social Selling Efforts Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn dominates the business world as one of the best tools to attract potential new clients to your business without the expense of sinking hard earned dollars into online advertising programs. A great way to get started with LinkedIn is to optimize your Linkedin profile. Make sure that your profile is as complete as possible. You’ll definitely want to summarize your accomplishments succinctly and highlight your achievements with powerful verbs such as “refined,” “enhanced,” “directed” and “excelled.” And don’t be that person; try to avoid clichés as much as possible.

Check Your LinkedIn Profile Strength

Did you know that LinkedIn keeps you informed about your overall profile strength? Just click on Profile and you’ll see on the right side how complete your profile is:


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3 Simple Ways To Strengthen Your Relationships on Social Media

Social SellingIn celebration of Valentine’s Day, the rFactr team recently reflected on why we fell in love with social selling.  It was no surprise that many of the statements focused on relationships, and how social selling allows you to build and strengthen bonds with those in your online network.

Putting words into practice, I have expanded on three simple and straightforward ways to strengthen your online relationships to aid in your social selling efforts.


The first step in building relationships with your online audience is to listen.  One of the many benefits of social listening is the ability to stay informed of news and updates from your network.  Browse your home timelines, read group discussion posts, and subscribe to digest emails to […]

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10 Ways to Improve Social Engagement Today

Social media is a great tool for marketing and sales, but it can take a while to build rapport with your audience and to grow an actively engaged social following. And who has the patience or time for that? The infographic below includes ten actions you can take today to improve your social engagement quickly and painlessly.

10 Ways to Improve Social Engagement Today1. Update Your Social Media Profiles

You never know what will act as the catalyst for gaining your next valuable connection or prospect, so keep your job title, location, links to third party websites, and picture as current as possible.

2. Increase Thought Leadership

Information on Twitter moves fast. Scheduling content to post to your profile throughout the day will save time […]

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3 Simple Ways To Measure Social Sales Thought Leadership on LinkedIn

3 Simple Ways To Measure Social Sales Thought Leadership on LinkedInOne vital component of social selling is the ability to gain trust by establishing oneself as a credible adviser and thought leader.  However, the process of becoming a thought leader can take some time and it can be difficult to track your effectiveness if you are just getting started.  As a result, I’ve compiled a list of three simple ways to measure your impact and growth as an industry thought leader on LinkedIn.

Before we discuss measurement, it is important to remember consistent, high-value content publication should be your main focus to start.  While it might take a few extra minutes, the benefits are huge.  For one, if […]

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