How To Create a Winning LinkedIn Headline

Along with your profile picture, your LinkedIn headline is the first thing a potential prospect or buyer sees when they come across your profile. We all know that first impressions are huge and your LinkedIn first impression is no different. You want to show your potential partners that you are valuable, credible, and somebody they want to do work with.

This 2 minute video will highlight how you can build a buyer centric headline that not only will help you to be found, but will captivate your prospects to connect and do business with you.

Highlights from this video include:

  • Why a LinkedIn headline is important for sales reps
  • Elements of a successful buyer centric headline
  • How to create a hook using your LinkedIn headline
  • Examples of how a good headline […]
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The Road To Revenue Through Employee Advocacy



Employee Advocacy in its inception is the idea of providing great products and services as well as a positive work environment to encourage employee to get on their “soapbox” and sing the praises of the brand. We have all seen the evolution of communication unfold before our very eyes. We have seen society turn to social media as the outlet to voice their opinion for any number of topics, one being their employer. Organizations have picked up on this and now see the opportunity to leverage their employees and those connected via social networks.

One of the most common questions I have heard is: “If we adopt an employee advocacy program, how do can we monetize it?” It’s simple, it all start […]

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How to avoid “fuzzy” metrics when launching an employee advocacy program

employee advocacy measurement

There will always be a pressing need to justify corporate spend on a new initiative.  Simply put, companies want to know what return they are going to receive after investing money and other resources in a new program – as they should!  However, in the social media industry, there have been countless discussions on the difficulty of proving social ROI.  As a result, many have even said that social media initiatives should not be held to the same standards as other programs when it comes to correlating revenue and return.  They then promote what I call “fuzzy” metrics (as opposed to hard metrics) as indicators of success such as likes and followers.

Don’t get me wrong, metrics such as reach […]

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The Secret To Getting Noticed And Doing Business On LinkedIn

The odds are that if you look at your own LinkedIn profile you will find that it looks like a CV. It might speak in the 3rd person even though we all know that we write our own profiles. It probably is built as if it were speaking to recruiters. We are going to change that and start driving business and building thought leadership with your profiles. The trick is in understanding how LinkedIn works and how you can take full advantage of the search algorithm. Searching LinkedIn is not much different than searching Google—SEO matters! It matters so much that it bleeds outside of LinkedIn and into Google. BrandYourself released findings that show LinkedIn is the […]

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B2B Sales Expert Miles Austin – The Evolution of Modern Selling [VIDEO]

Miles Austin is one of the fortunate people who is already living his dream job.  With more than three decades of experience in B2B sales and leadership roles, Miles spends his days helping sales leaders understand and implement the rapidly evolving technology that seemingly appears almost daily in the selling space.

Having earned the nickname, “The Web Tools Guy,” Miles freely shares his wealth of knowledge about sales strategies, tactics, and tools that are used by innovative leaders in sales organizations. His Fill the Funnel blog focuses on web tools for sales professionals, but not every blog post is about a tool, as we’ll discover in today’s conversation.  

We asked Miles about the origin of his famous […]

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Watch Your REAR: How Launching An Employee Advocacy Program Can Get You Fired (or Promoted)!

Did you know that every 48 hours the amount of content created from the beginning of time until 2010 is re-created…online?

2010-2015 was all about content. But now we’ve hit a tipping point where we have an overabundance of content. To put things in economic terms, we have a situation where the supply of content far exceeds the demand of content. What happened to Starbucks when they had a store on every corner and cannibalized its own earnings? They closed the stores, gave the locations to their competitors and focused on execution – and delivering a superior experience than the oncomers.

If 2010 – 2015 was about content, 2015 and beyond is about context. The noise online is incredible and as employee advocacy programs […]

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Social Selling Expert Mario Martinez Jr On How Social Media Changed B2B Sales

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Mario Martinez Jr, RVP of Sales at enterprise collaboration software giant PGi. Mario was involved in social selling since social networks replaced desktop rolodexes and is recognized as a B2B sales thought leader for his contributions to the space.

We asked Mario about the early days of implementing social selling in the sales process, how social media has changed the way he manages his team, and what the future holds for sales teams looking to connect with modern buyers.

Tweet-able golden nuggets from Mario:

  1. When I realized the power that social media brings to my sales efforts I was ALL IN!
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5 Tips To Consider When Listening For B2B Sales Opportunities On Social Media

Good social selling can be broken down into several different components, and no matter who you talk to, social listening is a consistently vital component of the mix. Here are 5 questions to ask when considering your B2B social sales listening strategy:

Social Listening

What is social listening? At rFactr, we view social listening as monitoring activity on applicable social channels with the intention of growing and advancing sales pipeline. The key to making social listening  successful is using it efficiently and effectively as a strategic channel to listen to what their prospects are saying and doing.

Considerations when using social media to listen?  As a leader thinking about turning a team loose on social media, one of the first thoughts has […]

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Data-Driven Social Selling Transformed B2B Sales and Marketing

Social selling takes place when salespeople use social media as a channel to optimize and impact revenue, return, and results of their sales process. Since salespeople are directly responsible for company revenue, it is essential that their activities are closely measured and optimized.

As a marketer, or data scientist, we need to be concerned with “link-ability”. This is the ability or ease of a marketer to link one piece of data with another piece of data – and by collecting and linking data together over time – we have what is called meta-data. Meta-data gives us a really accurate picture over time. Companies practicing social selling today aren’t using tools that provide the necessary “link-ability” for marketers to understand how to best help sales.

If we […]

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24 Twitter Sales Triggers To Help Engage In Social Selling

When people think about social selling the first line of thought is the use of LinkedIn.  However, what many salespeople forget is that Twitter might be as powerful if not more powerful than LinkedIn when it comes to sales triggers.

I recently read an interesting post on sales triggers by Gerry Moran (30 LinkedIn Sales Triggers). This inspired me to write this post   I agree with Gerry on the fact that sales people do not always see or understand social selling signals.

Mic A

Twitter is an ideal channel to get on a buyer’s radar. Not only can you follow him/her but you know exactly what they share, comment and are interested in.  It can also spark a […]

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