Social Selling Tips for HR Professionals and Recruiters

What are some tactics I should be using if I’m trying to build my brand abroad?

The first thing is to understand the social media landscape you want be a part of. As a recruiter in North America, LinkedIn is one of your biggest weapons. It’s essentially a giant phone book which allows you to find, connect and build relationships with talented candidates. Globally, localized social networks like Viadeo or Xing may allow you to gain an edge on your competition by being active on them. Networks like WeChat if you’re targeting China, or Line if you’re targeting Japan would be considerations. For lack of a poor metaphor, you would be fishing with the wrong bait if you don’t localize your approach – you will get far better response […]

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How “Likeable” Content Produces Sales Leads

Today’s digital space is being increasingly muddied by the daily barrage of new, and often poorly planned content. In fact, the amount of content that gets created online every 30 hours equivocates to the amount of content from the caveman era to 2008. That’s when the social media explosion happened and people began creating and sharing their own content en masse. Fast forward to today and we have and endless spattering of content we have to cut through to be effective.

This brings us to the concept of “likeability” – how much is a particular post or piece of content “likeable”?  For B2B Salespeople, the content they share needs to be liked and valued by their prospects. The like-ability of the content can increase by crafting posts using best practices for […]

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Turn Cold Calls To Warm Calls With Social Selling

Traditionally speaking, B2B sales has used the dreaded tactic referred to as THE COLD CALL. The cold call exists because it allows salespeople to meet their dial #’s and reach as many prospects as they can with their time allotted at the office. In other words, the more qualified or unqualified people we can reach the better the odds of having more prospects eventually drip through the funnel. Before buyers became “social”, this spray and pray strategy was commonplace. Before buyers were leaving hints online, there was an excuse to be doing cold calls. The lack of relationship, information, and preparedness is always sn excuse for cold calls and failure.

Now however, buyers are all over social networks and telling us things about themselves like never before. Within 30 seconds you […]

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3 New Years Resolutions For B2B Sellers

Every year people all over the world make promises to improve themselves and position themselves better for the year ahead. We have now hit 2016, and sales executives all over the world are planning how they will exceed their quotas and bring in more revenue.

make more money

If you haven’t made your selling resolutions, here are 5 resolutions top B2B salespeople will be doing to destroy their 2016 numbers:

Update Your Social Media Profiles to be Buyer Centric – Re-visit your key social profiles that you will engage prospects on. Ensure you appear professional, consistent, and as a potentially valuable asset for your buyer persona to engage. You also want to take advantage of your bio by using they right keywords that will make […]

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The Road To Revenue Through Employee Advocacy



Employee Advocacy in its inception is the idea of providing great products and services as well as a positive work environment to encourage employee to get on their “soapbox” and sing the praises of the brand. We have all seen the evolution of communication unfold before our very eyes. We have seen society turn to social media as the outlet to voice their opinion for any number of topics, one being their employer. Organizations have picked up on this and now see the opportunity to leverage their employees and those connected via social networks.

One of the most common questions I have heard is: “If we adopt an employee advocacy program, how do can we monetize it?” It’s simple, it all start […]

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How to avoid “fuzzy” metrics when launching an employee advocacy program

employee advocacy measurement

There will always be a pressing need to justify corporate spend on a new initiative.  Simply put, companies want to know what return they are going to receive after investing money and other resources in a new program – as they should!  However, in the social media industry, there have been countless discussions on the difficulty of proving social ROI.  As a result, many have even said that social media initiatives should not be held to the same standards as other programs when it comes to correlating revenue and return.  They then promote what I call “fuzzy” metrics (as opposed to hard metrics) as indicators of success such as likes and followers.

Don’t get me wrong, metrics such as reach […]

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Watch Your REAR: How Launching An Employee Advocacy Program Can Get You Fired (or Promoted)!

Did you know that every 48 hours the amount of content created from the beginning of time until 2010 is re-created…online?

2010-2015 was all about content. But now we’ve hit a tipping point where we have an overabundance of content. To put things in economic terms, we have a situation where the supply of content far exceeds the demand of content. What happened to Starbucks when they had a store on every corner and cannibalized its own earnings? They closed the stores, gave the locations to their competitors and focused on execution – and delivering a superior experience than the oncomers.

If 2010 – 2015 was about content, 2015 and beyond is about context. The noise online is incredible and as employee advocacy programs […]

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Social Selling Expert Mario Martinez Jr On How Social Media Changed B2B Sales

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Mario Martinez Jr, RVP of Sales at enterprise collaboration software giant PGi. Mario was involved in social selling since social networks replaced desktop rolodexes and is recognized as a B2B sales thought leader for his contributions to the space.

We asked Mario about the early days of implementing social selling in the sales process, how social media has changed the way he manages his team, and what the future holds for sales teams looking to connect with modern buyers.

Tweet-able golden nuggets from Mario:

  1. When I realized the power that social media brings to my sales efforts I was ALL IN!
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Taking a Programmatic Approach to Social Selling

Social selling. It seems to be the subject of at least half of the blog articles I come across these days, and even the focus of a few conferences I’ve seen.

And it makes sense, doesn’t it? Using your social network to connect with potential buyers is kind of a no-brainer. And learning a bit about those buyers can only help you gain access or start a conversation.

So why isn’t every sales rep in the world embracing social selling with a vengeance?

No matter who you are, changing the way you’ve always done something can be challenging, if not completely overwhelming. A veteran rep might say, “I’ve always done it this way, and I’ve been very successful, so I don’t want to take the time to learn something new.” But we […]

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Data-Driven Social Selling Transformed B2B Sales and Marketing

Social selling takes place when salespeople use social media as a channel to optimize and impact revenue, return, and results of their sales process. Since salespeople are directly responsible for company revenue, it is essential that their activities are closely measured and optimized.

As a marketer, or data scientist, we need to be concerned with “link-ability”. This is the ability or ease of a marketer to link one piece of data with another piece of data – and by collecting and linking data together over time – we have what is called meta-data. Meta-data gives us a really accurate picture over time. Companies practicing social selling today aren’t using tools that provide the necessary “link-ability” for marketers to understand how to best help sales.

If we […]

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