Are Laggard Sales Leaders To Blame For Failing To Modernize Their Sales Team?

According to research from Sales for Life, 63 percent of social sellers reported an increase in their company’s revenue in 2015. This is just one of a number of statistics that demonstrate the measurable benefits of social selling, whether it be B2B or B2C sales.

Social selling is not a new trend, however its adoption is still in its infancy among sales professionals. This same study revealed that a whopping 72 percent of sales people are not proficient with social selling, and only 8.5 percent have a program that is integrated into the sales process. While recent research from GetApp found that only 15 percent of sales people are using social media to contact potential customers, with some even favoring […]

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3 New Years Resolutions For B2B Sellers

Every year people all over the world make promises to improve themselves and position themselves better for the year ahead. We have now hit 2016, and sales executives all over the world are planning how they will exceed their quotas and bring in more revenue.

make more money

If you haven’t made your selling resolutions, here are 5 resolutions top B2B salespeople will be doing to destroy their 2016 numbers:

Update Your Social Media Profiles to be Buyer Centric – Re-visit your key social profiles that you will engage prospects on. Ensure you appear professional, consistent, and as a potentially valuable asset for your buyer persona to engage. You also want to take advantage of your bio by using they right keywords that will make […]

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Data-Driven Social Selling Transformed B2B Sales and Marketing

Social selling takes place when salespeople use social media as a channel to optimize and impact revenue, return, and results of their sales process. Since salespeople are directly responsible for company revenue, it is essential that their activities are closely measured and optimized.

As a marketer, or data scientist, we need to be concerned with “link-ability”. This is the ability or ease of a marketer to link one piece of data with another piece of data – and by collecting and linking data together over time – we have what is called meta-data. Meta-data gives us a really accurate picture over time. Companies practicing social selling today aren’t using tools that provide the necessary “link-ability” for marketers to understand how to best help sales.

If we […]

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10 Ways to Improve Social Engagement Today

Social media is a great tool for marketing and sales, but it can take a while to build rapport with your audience and to grow an actively engaged social following. And who has the patience or time for that? The infographic below includes ten actions you can take today to improve your social engagement quickly and painlessly.

10 Ways to Improve Social Engagement Today1. Update Your Social Media Profiles

You never know what will act as the catalyst for gaining your next valuable connection or prospect, so keep your job title, location, links to third party websites, and picture as current as possible.

2. Increase Thought Leadership

Information on Twitter moves fast. Scheduling content to post to your profile throughout the day will save time […]

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Thinking of Posting a Tweet onto LinkedIn? Read This First.

Twitter vs LinkedIn PostingThe principle is simple: Cross promoting content across a number of different social media networks can help you increase your message’s reach by putting message in front of a larger audience than posting on one network alone.  That is one of the main reasons why many Social Media Management Systems have such a large appeal – they let users publish content to multiple social media networks at once.

However, it is important to remember that there are different languages used on each social media environment that don’t translate to one another, especially with regards to Twitter. For example, it is typically ok to publish the same post to Facebook and LinkedIn, as […]

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7 Predictions For Social Selling in 2014

Businessman Consulting Glowing Crystal BallDuring 2013 we saw an increase in overall social media activity, a change in B2B buying behaviors, and the first markers of success for sellers leveraging social relationships. Needless to say, these trends aren’t going anywhere soon. But what new trends will 2014 hold for the sales force? We foresee required social activity, an emphasis on Twitter and mobile strategy, and a closer relationship with marketing.

1. Sellers will be charged with bringing the customer back into the conversation

Keyboard selling is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Instead of a sales cycle that ends with the dismissal of data into a marketing automation system, sellers will find themselves managing the lead nurture phase […]

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Take Your Twitter Profile from Social to Social Sales

Take Your Twitter Profile from Social to Social Sales

As success with social selling continues to grow, sales professionals will find it crucial to turn to social media as a way of generating leads and reaching their sales goals. The process may seem daunting, but setting up optimized social sales profiles on social networks is actually fairly similar to setting up a social media account for any other purpose. There are just a few tips you’ll want to keep in mind in regards to taking your account from social to social sales. Read on for suggestions that will help you optimize your Twitter account for social selling.

 1. Profile Picture

Not adding a profile […]

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5 Ways B2B’s Can Use Vine to Increase Brand Awareness

Vine, the video-based Twitter app, made its mark in social media when it was released in early 2013. The six-second video sharing tool is in the news again for announcing that it will soon be available on Android devices.

Here is a list of videos to inspire new (and veteran) Vine users:


1. Stop-motion Animation

Stop-motion animation videos are currently among the more beloved types of videos thanks to their artistic vibe and simplicity to create. This Earth Day Vine, shared by Mashable, shows a spinning planet Earth made of craft paper:

2. How-To Videos Lowe’s Home Improvement does a great job of sharing how-to videos that appeal […]

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7 Tips for Finding Success on Twitter

Last week, Twitter made some major changes to its brand-focused website, “Twitter for Business”, by re-launching the site and adding an updated list of tips for developing a successful company Twitter account. The page is a great resource for businesses getting started on Twitter or for businesses hoping to increase the positive results of their current Twitter campaign.

We pulled seven of our favorite tips from Twitter’s list of suggestions and added valuable insight to help companies find success, whether they are preparing to launch an account or trying to find more value in their current efforts.

1. Twitter says: Choose and promote a single, official hashtag.

rFactr says: While choosing one official hashtag to […]

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Take Your Twitter Presence to the Next Level

The number of internet users with a Twitter account has more than doubled in the past two years making it the second largest social media network according to findings from Pew Research Center. Brands willing to take an extra step to make their profiles stand out can use these tips for inspiration: 

1. Get A New Look
Everyone knows Twitter profiles can be customized but in order to stand out, uploading a custom profile photo just isn’t enough anymore. Instead, brands willing to take their profiles to the next level can use their background and cover photo to make a statement like FedEx has done by integrating the two into a visually appealing piece of digital artwork:


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