The idea that not all employees contribute to revenue is an outdated one. In fact, the impact of non-quota carrying employees on the sales process has never been more important? Why? Because of social media and the network effects and digital word of mouth advantages that come with it.

As a result of social networks, prospective customers are now in the same spots online as many of your non-customer facing co-workers. They’re on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more. Sometimes they’re in the same Facebook/LinkedIn Groups or may even know them from previous jobs, schools or experiences. In fact, Facebook alone has reduced the degrees of separation from 6 to 5 degrees. Therefore because of social networks, we’re at least 1 or more degrees closer to everyone on earth.

Companies that wish to succeed in the modern era have to think like this, and have to start seeing their entire employee base as part of an overarching Revenue Team – whereby non-quota carriers get measured and rewarded for certain revenue contributing KPIs.

Here are a few ways that non-quota carriers are affecting the bottom line:

The Importance of Micro-Influencers

  1. Micro-influencers – usually between 10,000 and 100,000 followers.
  2. They fly under the radar but individually have a lot of influence. Sad companies don’t even know who these people are.
  3. They’ve developed a niche group which is highly engaged
  4. These people are usually not quota carrying and should be prioritized to be sharing/engaging online.

The Value From a Social Footprint Across the Organization Goes Beyond Sales

  1. Each individual (whether they are quota carrying or not) has a voice (or potential voice) on Social.
  2. Rather than just the brand shouting the message or just the quota sales people shouting the message. Non-quota carrying employees (of any department) can provide the authentic balance a brand needs online to be likable and transparent.
  3. The executive team being engaged and active in influencing buyers. selling. They Build relationships and represent the brand and offer credibility to sales reps.
  4. All employees want to get involved in Social Enablement and be a part of the success of the organization. Capitalize on that.

Influence on the Sales Process Goes Beyond Quota Carriers

  1. As content sharers they play an active role in seeding content online for buyers to find and get influenced b­y. Leave content breadcrumbs for people to find and follow.
  2. Modern B2B enterprise buyers read on avg 11 pieces of content during their decision/sales process
  3. The more people in company sharing content the more likelihood buyers (or those influencing the buying committee) will be reading about you and not your competitor
  4. Can measure through campaign impact (increased reach/ engagement/ amplification (internal shares)/clicks. Can also be measured through presence by using approved social profiles or LinkedIn’s SSI score.