Jack Kosakowski is Global Head Of Social Sales Disruption with Creation Agency. Jack has been one of the most active social sellers and social sales influencers on social media. We had the opportunity to catch up with Jack and ask him some of the burning questions social sales practitioners and leaders have been asking.

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Jack, you have been working at developing and innovating digital sales for a while now, and have managed to establish a great online reputation as a “social seller”. You and I share very similar beliefs on the value of social in the sales process and how people, platforms, and processes intersect.

I’d like to help our audience understand what your views are on this trending topic called “social selling”.

Q1: How do you define the buzz term “Social Selling”?

A1: Social selling to me is pretty simple. It’s sales and marketing leveraging social data and infusing it into the sales process from online conversation to offline revenue.   This data allows sales and marketing to create a buyer journey that is more efficient and creates a better buyer experience. If you can nail the buyer experience you will create more conversations, opportunities, and most importantly MORE REVENUE!

Q2: Is Social Selling now mandatory for a company to stay competitive? Why or why not?

A2: Well, it is 2016. There are 2.307 billion active social media users globally and I would guess a few of those are looking for what you have to offer. It seems like a scary thing to me if you are invisible on social media looking at those numbers. More importantly, if nobody is talking about you, my guess is that’s because they are talking to your competitor. People want to do business with people… Not only that… People that their network is talking about. It’s time to stop whining and waiting with social and start winning business before its too late.

Q3: Can you talk about some the results you’ve seen, either personally or in some of your social selling projects?

A3: Personally, social selling has done wonders for me. It helped catapult my career, crush my number in sales, and build relationships with people at the highest level that have helped mentor me along the way. I was one of the top sales reps at Act-On software and went to President’s club. Recently, I took on a position opening up the US division for a top digital marketing automation agency out of Europe. That opportunity was a result of a Twitter with the owner, Jason Sibley. He became one of my customers and now I’m part of his elite Global team. Let’s just say that I don’t have to prospect for any business anymore because of the social inbound funnel I’ve created. My belief is that social selling has to make dollars if it’s going to make business sense.

Q4: You are one of the better social sellers I’ve seen at finding and sharing content valuable enough for others to stop and take notice. How do you keep the content wheel spinning while maintaining your busy schedule?

A4: Content is my top priority on a daily basis. Content is one major reason for all my social selling success. Value is the new currency in sales, and content is how value is created in the social world. Content drives value, value drives conversation, revenue is a result of both of these combined once you go offline. Of course, social selling isn’t a one size fits all strategy, nothing in sales is. In 2016, sales needs to be hitting every channel that can give them a shot at more conversations. Phone and email are a big part of this strategy, social is a complement to the both of these. Top sales reps that survive in the digital age will be everywhere, on all channels, adding value to all buyers. It’s no longer a choice. 

Q5: Is there anything else you’d like to mention about your 2016 outlook?

A5: 2016 is the year that sales leaders have to wake up. Why would you fight something that you should be embracing and works to your advantage? Social gives sales access to more buyers, on more channels, and the chance to create more conversations. It’s no secret that more conversations are the only way to create more opportunities, and the ultimate end result of more revenue. Your sales reps are going to be on social all day regardless… Sales leadership will decide if it’s time wasted or time well spent. Start training your sales team on how to leverage social for the good of the buyer and the bottom line before you have a blockbuster moment.

More About Jack

Jack Kosakowski

Jack Is known as the “SaaSaNova” of marketing automation in his social networks. He is a passionate practitioner and visionary in the social selling space, which is apparent in all of the content he has published on LinkedIn, Business2Community, Sales Hacker, Convince and Convert, and Act-On Software’s blog. Jack is currently Global Head Of Social Sales Disruption at the Creation Agency. He works with B2B companies to infuse social into the traditional B2B sales process. He is also in charge of marketing automation and social media targeting in the US.

Twitter @JackKosakowski1

Instagram @JackKosakowski1

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/jackkosakowski1