Traditionally speaking, B2B sales has used the dreaded tactic referred to as THE COLD CALL. The cold call exists because it allows salespeople to meet their dial #’s and reach as many prospects as they can with their time allotted at the office. In other words, the more qualified or unqualified people we can reach the better the odds of having more prospects eventually drip through the funnel. Before buyers became “social”, this spray and pray strategy was commonplace. Before buyers were leaving hints online, there was an excuse to be doing cold calls. The lack of relationship, information, and preparedness is always sn excuse for cold calls and failure.

Now however, buyers are all over social networks and telling us things about themselves like never before. Within 30 seconds you can scan over a few social profiles and find out what your prospects like, they music they listen to, the sports team the love, the school they went to, the similar connections they have with you, and so many more relevant pieces of information. This is called the 3 minute drill – find as many rapport-building talking points on a prospect’s social channels in less than 3 minutes and use them in your communications.

In fact, you can go as far as to start building the relationship before the call by retweeting, liking, favoriting, or commenting on their posts and perhaps connecting with them on relevant networks. This is what puts the “warm” in warm call. It means eliminating the awkwardness and lack of insight before doing a call. It means building rapport instantly or even before the call starts. It means taking responsibility to be a good salesperson and utilizing social media to give you an edge over the competition and ultimately increasing the efficiency of your communication.

Drop the parka and get in to some Speedos. It’s time to do some warm calling!

Here’s how Force Management did it, and used social to drive $1.3M in net new revenue.